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52 Japanese companies to recruit FPT University

21:25 - 03/11/2016

Pm on 25/4, FPT University held presentation on recruitment program "Recruiting Nikkei Asian Forum in Tokyo" for students at the FPT Hoa Lac.
The workshop attracted broad participation of final year students, especially students in the branches bridge engineer software engineering and students of FPT University Japanese Language.

Talking with FPT University students, Mr Masato Sanpei, Nikkei HR Director, has provided much useful information on job opportunities from 52 large companies in Japan in October this year. Besides, he also shared details about the skills needed for students to Vietnam to participate recruit high results. "Their delight and strength in job selection criterion is the future work", Director HR Nikkei share.


Student recruitment workshop two blocks in Economics and IT.

"You've had a very long period of time to learning, from primary to university level. During that period, the knowing you are part of their passion. Also, can ask relatives and friends about the strengths and weaknesses of yourself to choose the appropriate job, "he added.

In the framework of recruitment seminars, direct students to ask questions to Mr. Masato Sanpei of the roadmap work in the land of cherry blossoms. For newly graduated students, Mr. Masato Sanpei advice: "When you have determined that you love, try using different ways. However, not every company requires experienced recruitment. Just to be about $ 200 to do the job I love, I will do. Certainly after 1-2 years I will become a good experience about it. If the favorite is, it still follows me until 40 years from now ".

As a longtime expert in the field of HR, Mr. Masato Sanpei analyze the advantages of students in Vietnam in general and in particular FPT University students when applying and interviewing at major Japanese companies. He also shared about the benefits clear implementation program participants recruited this time: "We will have a mentor accompanies you. During recruiting participants, students will learn how to write a CV (capacity profile), join interviews with experts assume our ... When you are selected, any regime will encounter as a Japanese citizen. "

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