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Investment sector

00:20 - 01/05/2017

With the aim of becoming a science and technology city, Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park is calling for investment at Functional Zones on different fields such as :

-         Production

-         Research

-         Training

-         Business, trading

-         Developing infrastructure

-         Finance, investment

For production and research, by the policy of the Government about developing hi-tech, Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park focus on attracting development investment project of 4 technology fields: information technology, biotechnology, new material and automation.

The list of high technologies prioritized for development investment and list of hi-tech products eligible for development promotion are promulgated at Decision no 38/2020/QD-TTg on 30th December, 2020 of the Prime Minister. 


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Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park Management Board Hotlines:

- Investment support: +84 946.626.286
- Other supports: +84 922.662.266