Criteria for investment projects in Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park

16:46 - 01/05/2017

LIST OF HI-TECH PRODUCTS WHICH ARE ENCOURAGED FOR INVESTMENT AND PRODUCTION (Promulgated together with Decision No. 27/2006/QD-BKHCN dated December 18, 2006)

I. Hi-tech products in the telecommunications and information technology domain Telecommunications

1. Cellular phones, accessories for switchboards and a number of telecommunications systems and satellite terminals.

2. Design and optimization of telecommunications networks and systems within the national telecommunications infrastructure.

3. Optical-fiber cables and assorted telecommunication cables. Information technology

4. Computers and peripheral devices.

5. Hard disk drives and laser disk drives.

6. Large-capacity RAM

7. Flat screens and high-resolution screens.

8. High performance computers.

9. Computers and embedded systems.

10. RFID devices.

11. Electronic certification systems.

12. Programs for integration of embedded devices, desktop computers and servers together with intermediary programs.

13. Added value software on mobile phone networks and broadband systems.

14. Computer and network security software.

15. Automatic translation software and devices.

16. Sound identification software and devices.

17. Script and image identification software and devices.

II. Hi-tech products in automation, mechanical electronics and precision engineering domains Electronic equipment

1. Printed circuits.

2. Electric circuit boards and control boards.

3. Microwave tubes and assorted valves and tubes.

4. Semi-conducting devices (diode, current switches, thristors, diac, triac and light sensors).

5. Electronic integrated circuits and micro- assembly units (digitalized units, non-digitalized integrated units and hybrid integrated circuits).

6. Piezoelectric crystals.

7. Fixed capacitors (fixed tantalum capacitors, fixed aluminum electrolytic capacitors, fixed singleand multi-layer ceramic dielectric capacitors).

8. Special-use electric machines, molecular accelerators.

9. Electronic audio or video signal equipment.

10. Semi-conductors and other hi-tech electronic accessories. Scientific devices

11. Electronic devices for medical and surgical diagnosis, X-ray devices.

12. Binoculars, astronomical devices, optical telescopes (optical microscope, integrated optical microscope, stereoscopic microscope, etc.).

13. Liquid crystal instruments, laser and other optical devices.

14. Odontologic drilling engines.

15. Gauging and testing devices and instruments (compass, steering devices; devices for measuring and testing liquids, gases and pressure).

16. Devices and instruments for physic or chemical analysis (analyzing gas, smoke, spectrum and optical radioactivity, and measuring light).

17. Sensible scales, devices and instruments for checking hardness and measuring density.

18. Automatic control devices and instruments (temperature or pressure controllers).

19. Devices and instruments for analyzing electricity, wave or spectrum (for detecting ion radioactive substances, analyzing electric waves of cathode rays, or gauging devices for use in electricity or telecommunications).

20. Devices and instruments for photography and video recording, optical fibers, contact lenses, ocular prosthesis, hearing aids, heart beat regulators.

21. Medical devices for use in medical analysis and extraction technologies. Non-electrically operated machines and equipment

22. Gas turbines.

23. Nuclear reactors.

24. Equipment for separating isotopes.

25. Equipment operated by laser beams or light process or photon beams, ultrasonic, electrodischarge, electrochemical or electron beams, ion beams or plasma spray.

26. Numerically controlled machines (turning, drilling, grinding, milling, bending, folding, cutting, punching and welding machines). Automation equipment

27. Computer-aided design and manufacturing equipment and devices (CAD/CAM).

28. Equipment and devices in service of comprehensive integrated automation for the process of production, measurement, information processing, weather and natural disaster forecast, and environmental protection.

29. Equipment and devices in service of computer numerical control (CNC) technology used in manufacturing machine tools.

30. Industrial robots; robot equipment and devices.

31. Equipment for manufacturing nano materials, nanotechnology application equipment.

III. Hi-tech products in the domain of materials Advanced materials in service of agriculture

1. Advanced polymer membranes for covering greenhouses.

2. Super water absorption polymers used for maintaining soil moisture, improving soil fertility, coping with drought, raising germination capacity and yields of crops.

3. Biologically disintegrated polymers. Materials used in preservation of farm produce

4. Microelements (for example, rare earth) for fertilizers.

5. Materials for plant protection chemicals.

6. Materials for manufacturing sensors used in greenhouses. Materials for petroleum chemistry and oil refinery

7. Advanced material/s (such as those using nanotechnology) used in production of additives or high-class catalysts to improve productivity and quality of oil refinery and petroleum chemical products. Technical ceramics and porcelains Attaching special importance to ceramics and porcelains for electric-electronic industries.

8. High-voltage insulating porcelain materials.

9. Hi-tech porcelain materials (refractory and wear-proof porcelains).

10. Piezoelectric ceramics.

11. High-voltage insulating glass materials.

12. Electronic ceramics. Nano materials

13. Nano composites, nano metals.

14. Nano mmprint, nano lithography.

15. Metal nano oxides.

16. Carbon nano tubes.

17. Nanowire, nanorod. Materials for the energy industry

18. Materials used for generating high-class energy sources to partially replace traditional energies generated by coati and oil.

19. Advanced electrochemical materials for manufacturing special-use high-class electricity sources such as Li-ion, Ni-Cd, Mi-MH used in electronic and telecommunications equipment, telephones, laptops, electrically operated cars, motorbikes and bicycles.

20. Hydrogen cells.

21. Solar battery for water boiling and electricity generation.

22. Methanol cells, biological cells. Materials for medical and pharmaceutical use

23. Materials for medical use to substitute some parts of human body: biological polymers, carbon composites, physiology-regulating materials, growth-regulating materials, porous carbon materials, bauxite materials.

24. Polymer materials for pharmaceuticals use.

25. Polymer materials used in cosmetics. Polymer and composite materials

26. Polymer-based composite materials in service of transport: manufacturing of canoes, smallsized ships and boats and covers of some automotive parts; building of small-sized bridges spanning canals.

27. Composites using natural fibers such as jute or linen.

28. Electricity-conducting polymers.

29. Polymer-based composite materials for electrical and electronic use in harsh environmental conditions. Electronic and photonic materials

30. Magnetic materials used in electronic industry: rare-earth magnet, amorphous materials, microcrystal materials and nano materials using effects from giant thermo magnetic resistors.

31. Sensing materials and accessories (semi-conducting, super-conducting, new electricityconducting substances and piezoelectric ceramics) for use in gauging devices, automation devices, and for biological and medical use.

32. Optoelectronic and photonic materials and accessories in service of telecommunications and automation. Light absorption semi-conducting materials and accessories, luminescent semiconducting materials and accessories, semi-conducting laser, wireless optical materials, optical conductors, optical conductors with amplification, laser wire, optical discs, and photoelectrochemical materials, etc.

33. Bucky paper.

34. Electricity-conducting ink. Metal materials

35. Metal-based composites for electric, electronic and bio-medical use.

36. Steel alloys of high durability.

37. Steel resistant to chemical and thermal corrosion.

IV. Hi-tech products in biotechnology In the medical domain

1. New generation vaccines for human use.

2. Recombinant proteins for treatment of some human diseases.

3. Antibiotics for human use.

4. Kits for medical diagnosis, ADN chips.

5. Biological nano materials.

6. Biological threads and membranes for medical use. In the domain of agriculture, forestry and fisheries

7. New generation vaccines for veterinary use.

8. Recombinant proteins for use in biological insecticides and for pre- and post-harvest preservation.

9. Biological kits and biological electrodes for diagnosis and treatment of diseases for planted trees and domestic animals.

10. Plant varieties turned out by renovated tissue technology, tissue-cell culture, microsporangium culture or genetic modification, which are against pests and stand unfavorable climatic conditions

11. Monogenic hormone for fishes. In the industrial domain

12. Nutritious preparations (from animals or plants) for human beings and domestic animals.

13. Biological fuels to replace natural fuels (ethanol, cellulose, hydrogenase-using hydrogen and diesel oil from vegetable oil).

14. Recombinant enzymes.

15. Amino acids, organic acids,

16. Biological polymer membranes.

17. Equipment for research and production of biotechnology. In environmental protection

18. Design and manufacturing of biotechnology chains for treating waste (solid and liquid).

19. Other advanced equipment for remedying environmental pollution and treating waste. 

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