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FPT Education honored block hundreds of students at the ceremony

23:49 - 18/08/2016

After two semesters, FPT University has 105 outstanding students, 13 outstanding students, 5 students movement activities featured, stand 6 clubs. Besides, the school has honored the students who won the contest in my library, SMAC Challenge and ACM / ICPC - FPT 1st 2016.

Earlier, on 4/6, FPT University honoring ceremony was held in HCM Innovation building. FPT students in the city named Uncle achieve both the highest honors: Golden Toad Economics - student Tran Thi Quynh Nhu, the 11th, the Japanese Language sector and IT industry golden toad - Tran Duy Phuc, 10 keys, Engineering software. Two new faces have appeared somewhat impressed with the high scores of 9.6 and 9.4 respectively.

Also in Block Link International, honor student festival will take place from 17:30 on 15/6, in Hall Detech, 8 Ton Theory, My Dinh, Hanoi. In honoring ceremony, the school will have the list of awards such as "Most Outstanding Student period", "Students learn better Top 3", "Best Student Course", "Students learn best class "," Student learning Level best, "" The Runner-up Award "," Student activities excellent movement "," excellence Club ". In particular, there will be ceremonies honoring portion pouring champagne tower congratulate most outstanding student and part tea period to create an atmosphere of close exchanges, cozy middle school students and their families.

Meanwhile, the ceremony honored "Gold Poly Ong" Hanoi FPT Polytechnic 8h30-11h be held from 10/6 days at Hall 307, Ham Nghi, My Dinh, Tu Liem, Hanoi. The ceremony was held to commend and reward individual and collective achievement of academic excellence FPT Polytechnic in Spring semester, simultaneously motivating, encouraging the students entering the new semester Summer 2016.

In Ho Chi Minh City facility, honoring ceremony "Golden Bee Poly" will be held on 16/6 to. On this occasion, FPT Ho Chi Minh Polytechnic awarded the "Mr & Miss Poly" for outstanding students won five titles in this photo contest. Ceremony to honor "gold bees Poly" is part of the total reward to individuals who have made outstanding achievements of FPT Polytech nationwide.

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