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Outstanding policies take effect from April

10:13 - 03/04/2024

A part of revised Land Law, and regulations on English graduation exam exemption and fire prevention are scheduled to take effect from April.

Outstanding policies take effect from April- Ảnh 1.
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Two articles of Land Law come into effect

Article 190 and Article 248 of the Land Law 2024 shall take effect from April 1, 2024.

Article 190 includes regulations maritime reclamation activities while Article 248 amends and supplement several articles of the Law on Forestry 2017.

All the other article of the law is scheduled to come into effect from January 1, 2025. 

Foreign language certificates

At present, students shall be exempted from high school graduation examination if they have one of the following foreign language certificates: TOEFL ITP with overall score of 450, TOEFL iBT with overall score of 45, IELTS with overall score of 4.0.

From April 22, the list of the certificates shall be expanded to include: B1 Preliminary, B1 Business Preliminary, B1 Linguaskill; Aptis ESOL B1; Pearson English International Certificate (PEIC) level 2; TOEIC, and Vietnamese Standardized Test of English Proficiency (VSTEP), according to the latest circular of the Ministry of Education and Training.

National technical regulations on fire prevention

Circular 56/2023 of the Ministry of Public Security dated October 30,2023 on National Technical Regulations on Fire Protection Equipment takes effect from April 1.

The circular specifies requirements in terms of limits of technical characteristics and management of inspection of fire protection equipment under list of mandatory inspection in fire protection./.

source: https://en.baochinhphu.vn/

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