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Student start-up support plan ratified

22:38 - 01/11/2017

The PM has approved a student start-up support plan by 2025. 


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The plan is aimed at enhancing the start-up spirit of students and preparing knowledge and skills on start-up for students at schools as well as creating a favorable environment for students to form and realize their start-up ideas and initiatives to get jobs after graduation.

By 2020, 100% of students from universities, institutes and colleges have plans to launch support works for students to start-up and at least 90% of students at universities, institutes, colleges and high schools are provided with knowledge and skills on start-up before they graduate.

100% of universities and institutes and 50% of colleges have at least two start-up initiatives and projects, which will be connected with businesses and risk investment funds. 

Earlier in 2016, the PM has approved a project to develop the national ecosystem for start-ups by 2025 in an effort to fuel a start-up boom.

The plan manifests the Government’s efforts to realize the goal of 1 million startups by 2020.

source: news.chinhphu.vn

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