Vietnam – Japan University to open first courses next year

MONday - 04/12/2023 07:46    

The Vietnam – Japan University (VJU), said to be a symbol of the two countries’ cooperation, will offer the first training programmes in 2016. 

The VJU was established as the seventh member college of the Hanoi-based Vietnam National University (VNU) under a decision signed by the Prime Minister in July 2014. 

At a recent workshop in Hanoi, VNU President Phung Xuan Nha said there will be six master’s courses in nano technology, environmental technique, infrastructure technique, regional studies, public policies, and business administration. 

The courses will be run with assistance of Japan’s well-known tertiary establishments like the University of Tokyo, Osaka University, University of Tsukuba, Yokohama National University, Waseda University, and Ritsumeikan University. 

Nhan added that the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Japanese schools will send their experienced lecturers to take charge of at least 50 percent of specialised modules in each course. The rest will be covered by the VNU and VJU lecturers. 

The VNU will offer some full scholarships to VJU students, he said, adding that several Japanese agencies, organisations, universities and businesses have expressed their intention to sponsor scholarships. 

VNU Vice President Nguyen Kim Son said each course will enrol 20 students. Following the first programmes, the VJU and its Japanese partners will design curricula for other doctoral, master’s and undergraduate courses.